My name is Raul
A Junior Web-Developer
Passionate about syntax.

Contact me!

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a picture of man in a field, with a hoodie on.

Using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, I write code that makes your screen change its & .

When I'm not coding, I enjoy making music, Skateboarding, or playing basketball with friends.

I've always relished being in a group setting. I would be a great asset to any team of developers because this isn't just a job in the tech industry for me.

This is who I am, and exactly who I want to be.

Quiz App

quiz against humanity game screenshot


It's a take on cards against humanity, A Sarcasticly rude, question game based on random, real facts that you wouldn't believe!

One of my first peer programming experiences.

HTML5 CSS3 JavaScript jQuery

Live Repo

Anime Kensaku!

screen shot of the website anime-Kensaku.netlify.app after searching for the term gundam


One of my passion projects! As I love anime. This website allows the user to search for anime news and related topics. It uses the Jinken API. Built on React and hosted on netlify.

React Netlify CSS3

Live Repo

Bookmarks App

Bookmarks screenshot


Manage your bookmarks, Kept simple. Built on Heroku, Using CRUD functions. Allows the user to keep track of their favorite websites by rating.

HTML5 CSS3 JavaScript Heroku jQuery

Live Repo